Doha Book Fair Starts From 9th January 2020

June 16, 2019

The Ministry of Culture and Sports has announced the date of the 30th Doha International Book Fair, scheduled to be held from 9 to 18 January 2020. In fact,  the book fair edition for the year 2019 was postponed to the beginning of 2020. Held under the auspices of the Qatar Cultural and Heritage Events Centre, which will dedicate all available resources to ensure the success and excellence of the upcoming Doha International Book Fair. To honour the significance of this year’s edition, it will mark the 30th anniversary of this remarkable cultural event that constitutes the largest international book fair in the region, holding a prestigious reputation. The Doha International Book Fair is known for attracting a large participation from Arab and foreign countries, which has been increasing since its first edition held in 1972.

The approval of the new date for the 30th edition of the Doha International Book Fair was the result of a comprehensive study of the events’ schedule for the country, in order to avoid coincidence, most notably with the celebration of Qatar National Day and the World Cup hosted by the State of Qatar during the month of December, 2022, in addition to taking in consideration the exams schedule of public and private schools.

The new date for the Doha International Book Fair will coincide with the launch of the Qatar-France Year of Culture 2020, which will enable a momentous French presence during the event, along with a diversified cultural mosaic.

The new date for the Doha International Book Fair was fixed by the Ministry of Culture and Sports with the aim of providing an opportunity to a variety of social segments, especially those interested in reading and enlarging their sphere of knowledge, to visit the book fair, which is also an annual forum for professionals in the book industry, including authors, publishers and distributors, who come to meet their audience of intellectuals, students and book lovers from different walks of life.

Similar to the previous edition, the book fair activities will continue over 10 days in order to give the visitors more time to savour a distinct cultural experience, and allow publishers to display their diverse publications, especially the latest ones.

The Ministry of Culture and Sports announced that the next edition of the Doha International Book Fair will be different, due to the event’s distinguished nature that sets it apart from other cultural events in light of the wide participation of Arab and foreign publishing houses, and the organization of various workshops and seminars enriching the ongoing cultural movement.

The Doha International Book Fair has been held every two years from 1972 until 2002 when it was decided to be held every year. This gave the fair a great international status and position, especially after its success in attracting the largest and most prominent publishing houses in the world