“Knowledge is Light” announced as slogan for the 31st Doha International Book Fair

November 20, 2021

The Fair comes in line with the Ministry of Culture’s approach to focusing on the importance of knowledge and learning.

The slogan of the 31st session of the Doha International Book Fair, “Knowledge is Light,” was announced Yesterday, Saturday, November 20, 2021.

Organized by the Qatar Cultural and Heritage Events Center, the exhibition will be held from January 13 to 22, 2022, under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture.

The story of the slogan of the upcoming Doha International Book Fair reflects on the Islamic tradition emphasizing learning all the way from the beginning of creation to God commanding Prophet Mohammed to read and making people into tribes and communities so that they may interact and learn from one another.

The Doha International Book Fair 2022 will be held to showcase the human journey of exploration and learning. The exhibition will introduce the latest and most recent publications that reflect human’s creative and reflective knowledge across all fields. That is, the Fair offers a window of knowledge to researchers, innovators, scientists, and writers to develop societies and improve lives.

Knowledge is the best tool to overcome challenges from ancient times to the present. The exhibition will be especially important to raising awareness among the younger generations.

Since the progress of humanity depends on the extent of the knowledge they have, the Book Fair is an opportunity to improve and build on this knowledge, which calls for a continuous review of human perceptions. This knowledge is a light that illuminates humanity’s path towards an uncertain future.

Knowledge is at the core of development

“Knowledge is the basis for the progress and development of countries,” said Mr. Jassim Albuenain, Director of the Doha International Book Fair. He added that “knowledge contributes to the development of the individual and society as it lights the way for students and guides interactions among individuals.” Not only that, Mr. Jassim stressed, but knowledge “also provides appropriate solutions to the problems that people face in various practical and life aspects.”

“Given the value and importance of knowledge, students and scholars in various fields enjoy respect and appreciation in the community,” said Mr. Jassim, adding that “the 31st Doha International Book Fair will bring together students and researchers as well as avid readers, providing them with various books from different countries around the world, and in multiple languages, which in turn contributes to advancing the pace of learning in the community.”


Logo Promotion

“Knowledge is Light, the slogan of the 31st Doha International Book Fair reflects and emphasizes the importance of knowledge and reading. Knowledge is the basis for building the individual and the society as a whole,” said Ms. Maha Mubarak Al-Mohannadi, Head of the Sponsorship and Communications Committee and Administrative Officer at the Qatar Cultural and Heritage Events Center.

“Given the importance of the logo, Ms. Al-Mohannadi added, a promotion plan has been prepared for the various media outlets, including TV channels, radio stations and newspapers, as well as agencies, news networks and social media platforms,” said Ms. Maha.

The exhibition’s slogan was announced well prior to the event taking place to provide the opportunity for participants in the exhibition from ministries, state institutions and various publishing houses to use this slogan during their expected participation in the exhibition, stated Ms. Al-Mohannadi.


Knowledge and science are the centerpiece of the activities

In turn, Ms. Jawaher Al-Bader, Head of the Cultural Committee at the Doha International Book Fair, said that the Fair’s slogan during the upcoming session is in line with the Ministry of Culture’s focus on the importance of science and learning. The Book Fair is also in line with the adopted slogan during the Cultural Committee’s previous sessions, which raised the value of knowledge, contemplation, thinking, and reading.

Ms. Jawaher Al-Bader added: “Knowledge of all kinds will be the focus of many of the activities of the 31st Doha International Book Fair. “We are keen to address many of these topics during the upcoming session for the seminars and workshops of the exhibition,” said Ms. Al-Bader. The exhibition will also feature a section devoted to children “because we realize the importance of having knowledge accessible to everyone.”

On how the logo was chosen, Ms. Al-Bader said the focus was on “the simplicity of the logo and its understandability by everyone in the community, which represents a factor for the appeal of the event and the key to understanding many of the exhibition’s activities, said Ms. Al-Bader while alluding to religious teachings as the source of inspiration.


The History of the Event

The Doha International Book Fair is one of the oldest and largest international book fairs held in the region. It also enjoys a good reputation due to wide participation from Gulf, Arab and foreign countries in the event.

The first launch of the exhibition was in 1972 under the supervision of the Qatar National Library. The event was held biannually until 2002, when the event started to take place on an annual basis.

The exhibition’s international reputation comes as an outcome of its success in attracting the largest and most important publishing houses in the world, which have numbered 20 in the first exhibition. In the last session (30th session), the number of publishing houses increased to 335, representing 31 Arab and foreign countries, including Belgium and Australia.

In addition, a high number of participating agencies, 51 Arab and foreign, joined the exhibition. This means that publishers are confident in the Doha International Book Fair.

Since 2010, the Doha International Book Fair has chosen one of the countries to be the guest of honor. The first was the United States of America, then Turkey, Iran, Japan, Brazil, and Germany, followed by France. The United States of America will be the guest of honor in the exhibition’s 31st session.